The main part of a rolling door is the slat-curtain. It consists out of single-walled or double-walled slats which are slid into each other and getting closed with plastic headpieces at the end of both sides. A bottom rail with an underneath sealed rubber is situated at the underside of the slat-curtain and can be reinforced or strutted as necessary. The upper ending part of the slat-curtain is screwed at the door-shaft with short single-walled steel slats. The diameter and thickness of the door-shaft are dimensioned according to the size of the door and the static requirements. Bolts are welded on the ends of each side at the door-shaft in accurancy to the bearings and the drive engine.

The drive engine is selected according to the size of the door, the requirements and the available space. Generally, shaft-mounted drives are used if the available space is too small, sprocket drives with suitable transmission relation. All drives are ready prepared to get connected with the control and security devices. Security devices against unwanted Unwinding of the slat-curtain are installed according to applicable regulations and have been checked by the TUV. By shaft-mounted drives those devices are integrated in the transmission. The safety Device by sprocket-drives are installed separately at the opposite to the motor.

Rolling doors can be equipped with a fixed or pivotable lateral walk-through-leaf. In certain cases it is a practical and functional solution. First if the rolling door is the only access to the room. Second is it an escape door or third option a high rate of persons who are passing the door. The lateral part with the walk-through-door is designed similar to the look of the shutter-curtain and can if is necessary be pivoted to the side after the rolling door is opened. In that way the entire door opening can be used without restrictions. When the lateral part is open a security switch interrupts the control circuit of the drive.

Electric shaft-mounted or sprocket drives, controls, control devices and security devices are important components of a power-operated door. For Standard we deliver our pre-wired control device in deadman-control with a 16A Cekon plug and a triple push button. If necessary we can also deliver door controls and control devices that can easily be retrofitted later on.