The company was found in 1948 and was placed in Röderau a small Village near Riesa in Saxony. The locksmith master Konrad Kramer was the first manager and set the begin for an international becoming business. The company was named “Gerätebau und Maschinenschlosserei” in the early times.
The next firm owner was Hans-Peter Nowotnik. He took over the company in 1973 and with the same corporate structure he was able to exhibit a constant growth rate. The company was strong enough to face even bad economic times, based on an intelligent management and customer demands offers.
During the 90`s the company manufactured different kinds of metal products in serial production. Todays focus is the planning, manufacturing, delivery and mounting of custom- made door systems. Our products dispatching to customers all over Europe.
Our modern CNC controlled machine gives us the opportunity to manufacture nearly all components needed for metal sheet processing. In this case there is no problem to manufacture special constructions with extremly short processing times.
Depending on the different demands we are not only a supplier for cutting-, bending-, stamping- and laser parts. We also make prefabricating and welding assemblies. Our production- and delivery program also includes stairway-, balkony-, stage-, hall- and steel-glass-constructions.
In 2012 Axel Nowotnik takes over the company after Hans-Peter Nowotnik retired. Two years later in 2014 a new machine to produce foamed slats for a new type of door was bought.