The NMV sectional door is the classical high-quality sectional door. It is installed on the inside of the building and can be used in almost every kind of building and it fits easily in many spaces.

Door leaf:
The door leaf is divided in horizontal sections, the height of those sectionss is between 500-700mm and is determined by the real height of the door. There are two different kinds of sections-types: the PU-foam filled thermo-panel-section and the aluminium-frame-section. These sections have a lot of combination possibilities and create so a large variety.

The individual sections are connected by special screwed hinges. Lateral completely galvanised guide rails with plastic track rollers with ball-bearings ensure a silent Operation of the door. It is guided horizontally into the room by galvanised guide rails and archs. Depending on the given space different ways of redirection are possible.

The door leaf is equipped with sealings between the individual sections. There are a top sealing to the lintel, a lateral sealing towards the door-frame and a bottom sealing strip. All sealings are EPDM quality and quarantine a full sealing of the door.

A solid and proven spring-shaft-unit with cable-drums at both sides and highly flexible steel cables.

In usual cases it has to be started manually from inside with a latchment, flush-handle and haul-back-cable. Larger manually operated sectional doors are equipped with a chain hoist (optional equipment) and is locked with a manual latchment.

Optional Equipment:

  • Door-Coating with colours from the RAL chart
  • Premium steel fittings (e.g. for wipers)
  • Special panels for the frame sections
  • Walk-through-doors and similar-looking lateral elements
  • Lintel and side screens
  • Ventilation grids
  • Electric drives and controls

Frequency of use is decisive for the type of Operation

The number of runs decides of the doors Operation. Even if the daily frequency is low an electric drive can be efficient. In case of a high rate run frequency and large doors we use a direct drive without spring shaft.
Every drive is equipped with an emergency-operation-device (hand chain or crank). This ensures that the door can be operated even in case of a breakdown. The efficiency of electric door operation is determined by the selection of the optimal control device. Our standard control-device is in deadman-function and delivered with a connected 16A Cekon plug (admissible as main switch according to the directive ZH 1/494) and triple push button “Up-Stop-Down”.
If necessary we can also deliver comfort and security devices and the respective control devices that can easily be retrofitted later on.